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Current Research confirms that Guided Group Drumming:


* Reduces stress and depression through healthy expression of emotion


* Boosts the immune system


* Induces Mindfulness Meditation naturally without effort


* Deepens a sense of spirituality


* Strengthens recovery




Live Drumming is BACK ON!!! June 22, 2021 and ONGOING!!!

Beat Stress, Build Community: Drumming with Ellen Clegg


Facilitated Improvisational Drumming AND

Rhythms and Technique 6:15-7:30pm

Ongoing Every Tuesday Evening

 $14.00 per drop in or Six Weeks for $65

No time to lose!!! Time to come together to find ease in the pulse that unites us and strength in our unique differences!!!  ALL are welcome!!! 


Ellen Clegg invites you to join weekly to discover the impressive and inspiring healing power of drumming for ourselves and our community. With 35 years of experience studying numerous of our world’s rich drumming traditions, Ellen brings depth of knowledge, heart, and spirit to sharing the common and unique voices of rhythm and drumming.

         * Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression through healthy expression of emotion

         * Boost the immune system

         * Induce a meditative state naturally without effort

         * Deepen a sense of community, wellness, connection, and spirituality



Private Lessons also available


Drumming for well-being: Lost in the beat and feeling good

Here is the link to this Article:

Article and Video, MassLive


Filmed during Ellen's "Drumming for Women" class from which grew OffBeat Women's Drumming Ensemble which has now blossomed into an independently facilitated ensemble. This was part of a larger feature in the Hampshire Daily Gazette.

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